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Delmeco Group


Delmeco Group BV is a leading technical service provider in the Southwest of the Netherlands. Delmeco is active in consulting, project management, engineering, design, engineering and industrial projects in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Broad knowledge of many other disciplines within Delmeco are present as well. Engineering, industrial automation, air and sustainable energy are also specialties.

They distinguish by a large problem solving capacity, a continued focus on innovation and a deep commitment to the projects of their clients. Like no other, they are able to design into a ready market product and turnkey projects to adopt. Characteristic for Delmeco is their effective and customer-oriented organizational structure. Clients are therefore assured of a fast, optimal and independent advice.

The Delmeco teams are invariably composed of highly qualified staff who are used to project work, having a fresh look at the case and keep the interests of the client in mind.

CB Projects is very proud that this organization is one of its clients.